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Get Answers To Pressing Divorce Concerns

When filing for divorce, you have to consider countless aspects of your future, your assets, your children and the legal steps you need to take. Divorce is an overwhelming process to endure alone, but our team at the law firm of Jaclyn M. Nichols Attorney at Law is here as a guide when everything feels like it is falling apart.

We find the two biggest concerns for our clients going through divorce are finances and what will happen to the children.

Finances And Property Division

Pennsylvania is an equitable distribution state, which means your assets may not be split 50-50 between you and your divorcing spouse. They will be divided based upon factors such as your ability to support yourself after divorce and property that is considered separate versus marital, or owned jointly.

Attorney Jaclyn Shaw is skilled at helping clients retain the assets they need and deserve. We want to relieve any potential financial burdens after the process is over.

Child Custody

Few things are more terrifying than the possibility of not seeing your children again. Luckily, it is rare that a parent would not have any custody or visitation time after divorce. Nevertheless, you will have questions about how custody is awarded.

You can read more about how custody rights are determined click here.

Finding The Right Path For You

Uncontested divorce is often far less stressful and costly than contested divorce. Attorney Jaclyn Nichols has experience with collaborative law in which she helps divorcing couples discuss and agree upon their own terms without a judge making the ultimate decision.

This approach does not work for every couple. If a court battle is the most viable option for you, we are fully prepared to represent you and your interests.

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